How to Host Your Own Fantasy Football Draft Party at Home

How to Host Your Own Fantasy Football Draft Party at Home

Follow these hosting tips next time your planning a fantasy football draft day party.

Football season is almost upon us. The return of fall and football season can mean only one thing: it is time to plan your fantasy football draft party. Here are some fantasy football party hosting tips.

You will need ample space for each team owner and his resources. Long tables are a good option. You want to seat the owners in the order that they will draft to reduce confusion.

It is important to purchase a large draft board so everyone can see (a large white dry erase board will also work). Each owner will most likely bring a laptop, so make sure you have WiFi and enough electric outlets. Finally, you will also need a timer, paper and pencils.

Serve finger foods like pizza, wings and hoagies. You could also barbecue, if you have a grill available. Make sure you have plenty of cold drinks on hand as well.

With these fantasy football party tips, you are ready for the football season. Your home at Stonebridge at the Ranch apartments is a great place to host a party for your fantasy football league or any other occasion!

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